Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vegan shoes...oh so comfortable TOMS!

Lately I've been into vegan stuff, then I found out about TOMS every pair of shoes you buy a second pair goes to a child in need? Fantastic right? Not only that but there super comfortable, My boyfriend got me a pair for my birthday and I could'nt have recieved a better gift. This is my favorite pair of shoes. I wear them almost every day-and as of now I sport a TOMS tan over my feet! forreal! can't go wrong with these shoes ethier they come in just about any color you can think of, even I personally think there cute and even if you did'nt think so there comfort makes up for there apperence! On average they cost about 40$ not to bad..and yes they are washable! What could be better, I love my TOMS

check out there website too!


  1. I have been wanting a pair of these. I wish I could find a physical store to try them on because I am not sure of sizing. Do you think they are pretty true to size?

  2. umm I would say so, but you may wanna check first! Mine where alittle tight at first but they sorta wear in! there a great investment though! hope you njoy your pair!