Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Me and one of my good friends decide to be shopper worthy and do a makeup swap listed below are the following things we swapped! YAY! You can do it too, all you have to do is get a girlfriend you trust and make sure your items swapped are sanitized and trade out on the stuff you don't use :) it was very fun and I hope we can do it again soon! Thanks Katie for all the wonderful stuff, your stuff will be coming to you very soon! Love you doll! P.S All the colors are in ( )

I recieved from KATIE :) ...

1. NYX eyeshadow (serengeti)

2. HIP eyeshadow duo (magnetic)

3. Sephora loose shadow (Nacres)

4.Jesse's Girl Eye Dust (Gold)

5. Victoria Secret Mascara (Ja-va voom!)

6. E.L.F Dramatic Lash Kit

7. Estee Lauder eyeshadow

8. Merle Norman eyeshadow (Honey Do)

9. Icing eyeshadow

10. E.L.F All over color stick

11. HIP Cream Shadow Paint (909 steely, 809 lofty, 817 Nervy)

12. Merle Norman Eye Ink (Fog)

13. Bare Minerals face color (Glee)

14. Merle Norman Pigment (Diamond Girl)

Katie will be recieving...

1. Clinque All over color (peony)
2. Loreal eyeshadow (twilight mist)
3.Cover Girl Luminous Blush (Pure Romance)
4. Neutrogena eyeshadow (Pebble)
5. Maybelline Shimmer Powder (Ray of Gold)
6. Sally Hansen Concealer Stick (light beige)
7. Almay Eyeshadow (mother of Pearl)
8. Wet n' Wild Concealer Wand
9. Maybelline Shimmer Powder (blissful pink)
10. Smashbox Eyeshadow (Smashing Lime)
11. Nautral Beauty Mineral foundation
12. Nautral Beauty Mineral Concealer
13. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (Ivory)
14. Neutrogena Mineral Powder (light)
15. Clinque Loose Powder (light)
16. KLS Face Stick (Pralines and Cream)
17. Sally Hansen Foundation (Light)
18. MAC Lipglass (Nice Mix Up)

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