Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ninja Turtle inspired look!

So it's a Sunday, and I was bored as mess so I decided to create the classic NINJA TURTLES look~hope you like it :)

1. Prime eyes ( butternutty shadestick!)

2. Apply white shadow within the corner of your eye (E.L.F grey white shadow duo!)

3. Add a line of green going across from white, I used alittle from all 3 colors ( NYX Triple Eyeshadow, Serengeti)

4. Shade on alittle blue ( Sally Girl Turquoise)

5. Above the small shade of blue apply a streak of orange ( CoverGirl Eye enhancers)

6. After that at the end of you eye apply a purple shadow (E.L.F shadow duo)

7. Next add Eyeliner and Mascara ( Wet 'n Wild creme eyeliner, Rimmel Mascara)

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