Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beatles Abbey Road Inspired look

A couple days ago I bought a cute beatles shirt

on sale, Today wearing it I thought why not do a makeup the look the directions and pictures of the out come are down below~enjoy

1. Start by priming the lids (I used MAC's butternutty shadestick)

2. Go over your lid using a black or grey shimmer shadow ( I used Hot Topic's Baked Charcoal Shadow!)

3. Use a mix between light blue and a slightly deeper blue and place this in the crease of your eye, then a little white towards your eye opening ( I used Hot Topic's 18 count eyeshadow set, and for the

white color elf's Grey and White Duo Shadow!)

4. After blending and shading apply liner to upper and lower lids (I used Wet 'n Wild's Creme Eyeliner in Black.)

5. Add Mascara if needed!


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