Saturday, April 10, 2010

Maggie's Favorites-Women Degree Sexy Intrigue Body Mist

This is like the best smelling cheap body spray I've ever smelt! ha..every time I'm in P.E girls are coming to me like what's that great smell, blah blah..and I hand them this, in a matter of seconds I'm in a cloud of this wonderful smelling stuff. This is so easy to carry around! I'm one of those people that love to smell good all the time, so right after p.e or whatever when I would love to be taking a long hot bath and can't insted I whip this little baby out and Volia' instant freshness! But I'm definatly not saying you should skip showers or anything like that..PLEASE SHOWER for the sake of us all! haha..but seriously give this product some attention it comes in more scents to but to me sexy intrigue is by far my favorite. So what more can I say?

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