Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wonder Wall- How to Clean Dirty Makeup Brushes!

Ok so you've all probley seen the a million and one ways on Youtube how to clean makeupbrushes, alot include using cheap shampoos, or roughly scrubbing the mess out of them. If you own natural or synthetic brushes using harsh shampoos and unproper treament can mess with the longevity of your brushes. Makeup brushes are an investment, don't you want to use them as long as possible? I got to thinking what could be a good way to clean them properly, without any harsh effects...learn more below

Items You'll Need!

1.Dr.Bronner's Magic Soap Pure Castile Soap ( any scent will do!)

2. Dirty Brushes!

3.Warm Water!

Just so you know Castile Soap is an all natural glycerin based cleansing agent, the oils in it remove dirt but don't strip the natural properties your brushes need!

1. First off you can wet your brushes with warm water being careful not to go over the barrel of the brush, this can cause mold and mildew leading to your brush rotting off the base or creating that yucky wet dog smell!
2. Create a small pool of the Castile Soap, not too much alittle goes far!
3. Dip small eyeshadow brushes or any small brush...we're saving our big brushes for last!
4. After doing that, take 1 brush and lightly swirl in the palm of your hand! Your going to notice makeup running out of your can wet the brush if you want extra lather. You'll find out this stuff is very concentrated!
5. Then once you sure all makeup is removed (repeat if brush is really dirty!) rinse clean until your sure no suds are left!
6. Sqeeze all excess water out and lay them out flat to dry!
7. Now if you have any Foundation brushes take them out wet them, apply a little castile soap to each brush!
8. Let them sit for a mintute or two!
If your brushes or Foundation is like mine it tends to stain my brushes this way of cleaning should completely remove the stain. If it doesn't try leaving the castile soap on there longer or repetive washing with the castile soap.
9. Now that they've sat there for a few take the brush and rub them continusly being sure to remove all makeup!
10. If all makeup and soap is removed lay them flat to dry or for kabuki brushes fluff and let stand!
Hope you try this method, and try castile soap..I swear it has like a billion uses!

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