Thursday, May 6, 2010

School Bag/Purse Essentials :)

Ever have those times when you stuck without chapstick or a pen, I recently organized my school bag and here's what I came up with!~njoy :)

Wallet-At my school we have vending machines so I always carry this around just in case something catches my eye!

Pencil Case-I found myself always running out of pencils, so now I carry a small case filled with pens, pencils,highliter, mirror, band-aids, and hand sanitizer.

Glasses-Well of course you have to see! :)

Ipod/Cellphone-Helps with those sleepy bus mornings! and emergancies..

Makeup Bag-Great for touchups, in mine I have lip gloss, mascara, chapstick, mini makeup brush, face powder, concealer, eyeliner, roll on perfume, neutral eyeshadow,foundation stick, MAC shadestick, eyeshadow brush, and roll on me these things will come in handy!

Body Spray-A life saver, ecpecially after gym when you sticky..or if it's really hot outside!

Book-Works if your bored in class or somewhere where there's not much to do!

Mini lotion-I like to be moisterized, you can never have enough lotion!

Toothbrush/Toothpaste,Flossers,Gum-For those who have braces always carry these things around there's nothing worse that walking around with food stuck in your teeth!

And last but not least...

Water bottle, Snack-Really good to have to stay hydrated and full, ecpecially for me becuase I don't eat lunch!

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