Sunday, May 2, 2010


If you don't know my favorite store is TARGET :) well I was in there today and as you probley now they have the BEST clearance items! You go down an aisle and ba-bam there's those red stickered items shining in your face, you know you've hit the jackpot...well that is if anything that catches your eye is on clearance! Haha moving on today I found the greastest steal! I reached as high as I could to one of the top clearance shelfs and came across two once expensive items! To my disbelief it was SOAP&GLORY easy glistening Sweet Almond Dry Oil Body Gloss (retail price 12.99 clearance price 3.24!) & iFOAM ultra creamy Body Wash with antioxidant grapeseed oil, orange oil and M-SUDS moisture system! (retail 9.99 clearance price 2.48!) I then no longer needed what I originally went in Target for these where my new babies and they where coming home with me! lol. I have'nt really tried these yet but I know the Sweet Almond Dry Oil smells absolutly to die for, and the iFoam body wash smells great too! and looks very moisterizing which it claims...I know these products are carried in most targets but if you get a chance visit there chic, vintage website! Its really cute, and when I spend money on something I want it to look can tell they take pride in there old london look because they where originally sold in the U.K and still are. I can't wait to try them out and get back to you on how they where and if there really worth buying! Stay tuned dolls ;)

visit there website here:

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